Blackstar (BSTAR)

Blackstar Price: BSTAR / USD
Blackstar has been marked as 'inactive'. This could be for a number of reasons, you can find out more about inactive coins in our F.A.Q.
Blackstar History
Blackstar trades under the symbol "BSTAR" and operates without the need of a reserve bank or single administration. The decentralized cryptocurrency is not mineable, so instead, you are able to purchase BSTAR from a currency exchange. It follows the proof of stake (pos) consensus and X11 algorithm.
About Blackstar (BSTAR)
Name Blackstar
Symbol BSTAR
Algorithm X11
Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
Start Date
Blackstar by the numbers
Price $0.000086
Cap $54,467.00
Volume $0.00
Supply 630,795,971.00
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