Rubycoin (RBY)

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Rubycoin History
RBY - Rubycoin has been in circulation since 20th March, 2014 and operates free of a central bank. The crypto-currency is not mineable, so instead, you can purchase RBY through a currency exchange service. It follows the proof of stake (pos) consensus and Scrypt algorithm. To stay up to date with Rubycoin, they can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.
About Rubycoin (RBY)
Name Rubycoin
Symbol RBY
Algorithm Scrypt
Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
Start Date 20th March, 2014
Rubycoin by the numbers
Positon #354
Price $0.658358
Cap $16,820,893.00
Volume $20,234.70
Supply 25,549,766.00
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