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Sequence (SEQ)

Sequence Price: SEQ / USD
Sequence History
The (SEQ) Sequence virtual currency was distributed on 24th September, 2016 and operates without being controlled by a reserve bank or single administration. The digital asset Sequence can be mined for profit. It adopts the Scrypt algorithm and the proof of work and proof of stake (pow/pos) consensus. Sequence are on social network sites such as Facebook, so check them out to stay updated with the latest news.
About Sequence (SEQ)
Name Sequence
Symbol SEQ
Algorithm Scrypt
Consensus Proof of Work and Proof of Stake (Pow/Pos)
Start Date 24th September 2016
Sequence by the numbers
Market Pos #838
Market Cap $539,145.16
Volume $6,044.29
Supply 46,468,008.64

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