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JP Morgan's Quorum blockchain partners with Zcash

JPMorgan, the worlds largest bank, has been working on a blockchain technology named Quorum. It is based on the Ethereum smart contract distributed ledger. JPMorgan is partnering with The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company (ZECC) to become their first enterprise client. Zooko Wilcox, the CEO of Zcash and part of the Read more

Bitcoin cash drops the mic

Bitcoin Cash came into being after bitcoin was forked. The fork was due to a change in the block size to 8mb, intended to help reduce payment processing times. However, the block size has been a constant headache for all involved in bitcoin, and there is no right answers and Read more

Ethereum slumps as others thrive

Vitalik Butler, the co-founder of Ethereum, announced the recent success of the anticipated hard fork of Ethereum, known as Byzantium. However, the price of Ether has sunk to a one month low of $275, even with the improved privacy (pioneered by Zcash) and enhanced usability, that the Byzantium fork has bought to the Read more

Zcash is checking all the boxes

Edward Snowden, the prominent whistleblower who leaked the NSA surveillance document, has recently tweeted in agreement that Zcash is the only altcoin built by professional cryptographers. Zcash is the only altcoin (that i know of) designed and built by professional and academic cryptographers. Hard to ignore — Mason (@masonic_tweets) September 26, Read more