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Julian Assange thankful to US Government over bitcoin profits

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, paid thanks via Twitter to all who had been involved in the mass banking block towards WikiLeaks' funding and donations, including the US government. The block forced them to seek alternative currencies and income, in this case, bitcoin, which has led to an unprecedented Read more

Russia goes crypto with state issued CryptoRuble

Russian president Vladimir Putin has moved for the creation of a cryptocurrency named CryptoRuble. While reports on this are scarce, the idea of it being decentralized, like bitcoin, is looking grim. Even though it will be based on the blockchain it will  be not be mined like traditional cryptocurrencies, but instead will Read more

Dubai bet big on Blockchain

Dubai will become the first ever world government to adopt blockchain technology. It is to be first used in the real estate sector where it will be processing transactions for contracts, lease registrations and the land registry. Our adoption of this system is aligned with our commitment to responding to Read more

China won the battle, but they haven't won the war

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have not been stopped by China, but they have made an impact. The Chinese government has moved to stop all ICO trading platforms and agencies in an effort to ban cryptocurrency usage in the country. This includes ordering bitcoin exchanges there. In addition, since this ban in early Read more