Deffzone - Officially Launching on Binance Smart Chain Platform

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January 6th 2022

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Deffzone - Officially Launching on Binance Smart Chain Platform

Deffzone creates sustainable values for partners to ensure fair revenue sharing through a diverse ecosystem. Not only meeting the trend of the times but also satisfying the needs of users. In addition, Deffzone also wishes to create a comprehensive information channel in the cryptocurrency market for the entire investment community as well as developers through Community activities, airdrops, news - Events, Press release, box sale app, presale NFT for all, review traffic all projects, check contract, fund communication, market.

Core values

DeffZone always aims at 3 core values:

  • Democracy: A method developed to aggregate collective decisions in which all members have equal rights to participate in decisions.
  • Community: An ecosystem that looks towards enhancing community experience and mutual benefit. At the same time, it creates a network of complementary and complete affiliate projects.
  • Collaboration: We focus on expanding the spirit of cooperation not only internally but also externally with other individuals and investment funds in the blockchain environment.

Benefits for the community

  • Generate profits for the community from defi platforms in the ecosystem.
  • Where users can freely choose to participate in different secret unboxing programs to receive high-value products of different projects.
  • Updating the earliest information about crypto market events.
  • Participate in campaigns to receive free rewards of other valuable tokens through the Deffzone app

Ecosystem includes:

  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Farming
  • Wallet
  • Launchpad
  • NFT marketplace
  • Deffzone Mobile App
  • Deffzone Mobile App

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