$6,496.73 -0.01%
$203.99 -0.08%
$0.4519609916 -0.02%
BCHBitcoin Cash
$448.28 +0.2%
$5.41 -0.08%
XLMStellar Lumens
$0.2470738081 +0.09%
$52.54 -0%

Gulden (NLG)

Gulden Price: NLG / USD
Gulden History
Named after the defunct Dutch currency, Gulden (NLG), this Netherlands based altcoin is aiming to become easier to use than bitcoin. Users can send money easily and in real time, securely to other users, using the Gulden App. Both users are charged minimal transaction fees and you can pay with Gulden in over one hundred stores and shops already.
About Gulden (NLG)
Name Gulden
Symbol NLG
Algorithm Scrypt
Consensus Proof of Work (PoW)
Start Date 8th April, 2014
Gulden by the numbers
Market Pos #224
Market Cap $12,022,103.64
Volume $26,023.15
Supply 415,032,420.00
Difficulty 13388.25910297190057463012635707855224609375
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We don't have any cloud miners listed for Gulden yet, check back soon!

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Exchanges Type Fiats Fees Apps Founded Review Visit
Changelly Logo Changelly Instant
USD:  10%
BTC:  0.5%

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Bittrex Logo Bittrex Trading
Maker:  0.25%
Taker:  0.25%

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We don't have any wallets listed for Gulden yet, check back soon!

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