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  • New Mining Calculators Launched

    14th November, 2017

    We have finished seven new mining profitability calculators. Pascal, Siacoin, Bitconnect Coin, Ubiq, Doge and Bitcoin Cash. Check them out on our calculators page.

  • New coins added!

    14th November, 2017

    We have added nine new coins to our website, Pascal, Siacoin, Ripple, Ubiq, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Bitconnect Coin, NEO and NEM. Not all of them have charts or calculators, but these are in the pipeline for the furture.

  • Press Release: Calculator Widget

    7th November, 2017

    We have put together a press release for our mining profitability calculator widget. It covers everything from how to customize the widget to suit our site, what currencies it offers and how to add the widget embed code to your own website.

  • Indacoin Review

    3rd November, 2017

    We have reviewed a new currency exchange service; Indacoin. The site is offered in several languages; English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, making it available to a very wide audience.

  • Mining Profitability Calculator Widget Launch

    24th October, 2017

    We have launched a free mining profitability calculator widget that you can use on your own website. We provide the code, just paste it on your website and that's it. We are going to provide a press release covering this in more detail soon!

  • Press Release: CryptoRival Launch

    4th October, 2017

    We have put together a press release about the launch of this website. The history of the site, who we are, how, and more importantly why, we started the website and how to get in touch with us.

  • Subscribe to our News

    29th September, 2017

    We are offering an email subscription to our news stories. Get a monthly email packed with news from the past month. Sign up today, it's free and you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

  • News Section Launch

    27th September, 2017

    It's about time we started giving our take on the world of cryptocurrencies. We have launched a news section, filled with the latest stories, news, rumors and more about the world of digital currency. We will be offering an email subscription soon!

  • Bitcoin Pool Review

    22nd September, 2017

    We have reviewed a new mining pool service, the pool. Based in Tokyo and offering daily payouts, you can mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  • Zcash Mining Calculator Launch

    20th September, 2017

    We have been working hard on our Zcash Mining Calculator. It's now live on the website, just fill out your hashrate, power costs, maintenance fees, etc and it'll give you a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly projected profit.

  • MinerGate Review

    13th September, 2017

    We have reviewed another cloud mining service, MinerGate. With pool fees of 1%, daily payout and an android app, they are one to watch!

  • Dash Mining Calculator Launch

    12th September, 2017

    We have finished building our Dash mining profitability calculator. Check it out and see if Dash is profitable for you to mine!

  • NiceHash Review

    11th September, 2017

    We have reviewed a new cloud mining service, called NiceHash. They have been around since 2014 and have servers in Amsterdam, Washington, San Jose, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

  • Onion Site Launches

    7th August, 2017

    CryptoRival launches an onion site, so you can browse our site anonymously via the tor browser, you can find it here: http://kok2dqleiwjg4wvq.onion

  • CryptoRival Launch

    20th July, 2017

    The website is live, with five cryptocurrency coins, bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Monero. We have reviewed three cloud mining services, Genesis Mining, Hashflare and Hashing24.