Cryptocurrency Widgets

Currently, we offer two widgets for webmasters to use. Grab one of our Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability Calculators and put it on your own website, or use the Cryptocurrency News Stream instead. These webmaster tools are totally free for you to use, but please note that they are subject to our Terms of Use.

You can customize both widgets, including everything from the background color, button colors, results tab colors, link colors, border widths and more. Integration into your website is quick, simple and easy. Once you're done customizing, just hit the copy button below the pre-made iframe embed code, then paste it where you want it to appear on your website. It's responsive too, so it will work on mobile screens as well as full sized desktop monitors.

Mining Calculator Widgets

We offer mining calculator widgets for the following cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Click the one you want to begin customizing it in the widget builder and get your embed code. You can alter the width of the widget or set it to autosize, you can give it a border and change the color, you can edit the background colors, button colors, results color and more.

We add more coins frequently, so check back soon if there's one you are waiting for or contact us if you think we have missed a coin.

Available Coins

Bitcoin Ethereum Dogecoin Ethereum Classic Litecoin Monero Bitcoin Cash Zcash Dash Ravencoin Bitcoin Gold ZelCash Siacoin ZenCash Bytecoin Electroneum Komodo Aeternity Aion Peercoin Callisto Loki Energi Haven Protocol PACcoin Wownero BitcoinZ Metaverse ETP Einsteinium Ubiq 0xBitcoin Gulden Bitcore Feathercoin Musicoin Auroracoin Phoenixcoin StartCOIN Sumokoin SUQA Hush Mooncoin DigitalNote Ryo Karbo SnowGem GINcoin Pascal ZClassic BitTube ArQmA Masari Swap MonetaryUnit BitSend Onix TrezarCoin Bata Arto Atheios DNotes Influxcoin Absolute DACash Monoeci XDNA Linx Traid Gentarium Mano Motion Elliot WorldCoin Graft Bitconnect Coin Pirl Monero Original GoByte 01coin LUXCoin Pascal Lite Viacoin Halcyon Zetacoin Cream VIVO Innova Aeon Akroma ArtByte DubaiCoin Bitcoin Interest Orbitcoin SimpleBank Gravium MonaCoin Dinastycoin Expanse Folm Help The Homeless Coin CannabisCoin Actinium FlorinCoin Akencash Prime-XI Electronero Quebecoin Argoneum Alloy ANON Ellaism Dinero GameCredits Festival Coin


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News Widget

Our news widget features the latest stories and updates from the cryptocurrency world. We source various news outlets and websites, a full list of the sources can be found on our news page. This widget can be customized to suit your website; you can change the width of the entire widget or set it to autosize, you can give it a border and change the color, you can also change the color of the links and the hover.


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