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Mining cryptocurrencies is an ever changing market and as such, your profit can go up and down depending on several factors, many of which are out of your control. The profitability of a currency depends on the rate against the dollar, the current mining difficulty of it and how much cash you paid to get started in the mining world. Did you build your own rig or are you using a cloud service? You also need to take into account your electricity usage, or maintenance fees. It can get very complicated very quickly. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions if you're looking for more than how profitable the currencies can be.

The calculators we've made are designed to make this process simple. All you need to do is input the information and we will you give you projected profits per day, per week, per month and per year. There are more currencies coming soon, so check back soon!

Bitcoin, one of the original decentralized currencies, operating with no central authority or banks.

BTC to USD: $8,781.75
Difficulty: 3839316899029

Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts without downtime or censorship.

ETH to USD: $605.06
Difficulty: 31568388004249...

Peer-to-peer, electronic cash for the Internet. Fully decentralized, no central bank and requires no third parties to operate.

BCH to USD: $1,128.06
Difficulty: 470161517772.1...

Litecoin, a peer-to-peer decentralized currency, giving instant currency exchange all over the world.

LTC to USD: $146.06
Difficulty: 7708072.310820...

Monero, originally called BitMonero, is a fairly new open-source cryptocurrency created in 2014.

XMR to USD: $249.91
Difficulty: 63520623431

Make instant, private payments online or in-store using a secure platform hosted by thousands of users

DASH to USD: $437.50
Difficulty: 51082199.13776...

Ethereum Classic, an open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform.

ETC to USD: $18.35
Difficulty: 16324814477664...

A hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, to create anĀ ASICĀ resistant Bitcoin

BTG to USD: $65.29
Difficulty: 2590923.821632...

Zcash is the first permissionless digital currency that can protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.

ZEC to USD: $262.80
Difficulty: 8282557.669483...

Launched in July 2012, Bytecoin was the first cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology.

BCN to USD: $0.004636
Difficulty: 5341742827.669...

Sia is a cloud data storage that is totally decentralized, blockchain-based, open-source and private.

SC to USD: $0.018911
Difficulty: 18699472620608...

A cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu dog, started out a "joke currency" but quickly developed its own online community.

DOGE to USD: $0.005358
Difficulty: 2870016.816700...

Part of a Zcash fork, Komodo allows users to make 100% untraceable transactions.

KMD to USD: $3.87
Difficulty: 19604939.45329...

MONA to USD: $3.95
Difficulty: 58448.81874289...

ZEN to USD: $35.83
Difficulty: 1243185.010506...

The currency designed for gamers and game developers, to make gaming purchases more streamlined.

GAME to USD: $1.75
Difficulty: 44194.44655365...

An open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contracts

UBQ to USD: $2.54
Difficulty: 35447515910759...

DuckNote, DarkNote and now DigitalNote, this is 2.5 times faster than Bitcoin

XDN to USD: $0.013847
Difficulty: 999955909.3833...

EMC2 to USD: $0.328372
Difficulty: 2911.664488438...

PPC to USD: $2.37
Difficulty: 3528743258.683...

VIA to USD: $2.38
Difficulty: 481861.0829805...

FTC to USD: $0.247249
Difficulty: 185.8371451378...

The digital replacement for the original Netherlands currency before the Euro, Gulden.

NLG to USD: $0.121248
Difficulty: 23847.98226229...

Metaverse ETP, a decentralized blockchain technology providing the smart contracts of the Chinese cryptocurrency world.

ETP to USD: $1.13
Difficulty: 6084630496278....

Released as a clone of Monero, but it can run efficiently on mobile devices

AEON to USD: $2.00
Difficulty: 14107068167.95...

ZCL to USD: $6.75
Difficulty: 260890.9658051...

Pascal is the first and only cryptocurrency to have broken the 100 transactions per second barrier

PASC to USD: $1.06
Difficulty: 5721651.470588...

The community driven that is truly independent and decentralized

EXP to USD: $2.25
Difficulty: 19097591692560...

BSD to USD: $0.705584
Difficulty: 172.5173308066...

MUSIC to USD: $0.017657
Difficulty: 8471446721093....

BitConnect Coin is a peer-to-peer, open source, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency

BCC to USD: $1.15

MOON to USD: $0.000044
Difficulty: 1584.360129827...

NOTE to USD: $0.047468
Difficulty: 604.5830381950...

BTCZ to USD: $0.004092
Difficulty: 157199.5845879...

HUSH to USD: $1.69
Difficulty: 287958373.6923...

CANN to USD: $0.060615
Difficulty: 397149.0051733...

SUMO to USD: $1.49
Difficulty: 2183006856.668...

LINX to USD: $0.164400
Difficulty: 15302.54017729...

ELLA to USD: $0.298031
Difficulty: 2834463442378....

WDC to USD: $0.013136
Difficulty: 364.8249883449...

BTA to USD: $0.222443
Difficulty: 157.9610487618...

ZET to USD: $0.005773
Difficulty: 456685.9331128...

DCY to USD: $0.000526
Difficulty: 403471253.0418...

The crowdfunding supporter that has ten times faster transaction time than bitcoin

START to USD: $0.016188
Difficulty: 12717.90282827...

PXC to USD: $0.006830
Difficulty: 3.476289855072...

ONX to USD: $0.011646
Difficulty: 76978.79208343...

INFX to USD: $0.154810
Difficulty: 24046.47662989...

PASL to USD: $0.051399
Difficulty: 234680.0311984...
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