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Cryptocurrencies are obtainable by mining them or purchasing them. In order to purchase them, you have to use an exchange service. If you're mining them, you might want to exchange them for your local currency, like dollars or euros, in order to use them in your day-to-day life. Either way, there are several options available to you. We've reviewed the best companies, each in depth, and compared them below for easy reference.

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Exchange Coins Volume Founded Review Visit
ABCC Logo ABCC Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Cardano TRON
+56 more
73 Million 2018

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ACX Logo ACX Bitcoin Ethereum Tether XRP Ethereum Classic
+6 more
5 Million 2013

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AEX Logo AEX Bitcoin Ethereum Tether XRP Dogecoin
+79 more
265 Million 2013

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AirSwap Logo AirSwap Tether USD Coin Dai Wrapped Bitcoin ChainLink
+20 more
216,245 2017
United States

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Allbit Logo Allbit Ethereum XRP Dent aelf Loom Network
+5 more
33,724 2018
South Korea

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Allcoin Logo Allcoin Bitcoin Ethereum TRON Litecoin Bitcoin Cash
+31 more
141 Million 2016

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AlterDice Logo AlterDice Bitcoin Ethereum Binance Coin XRP Litecoin
+29 more
24 Million 2018

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Altilly Logo Altilly Bitcoin Ethereum USD Coin XRP Dogecoin
+114 more
79,609 Year Unknown

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Altmarkets Logo Altmarkets Ethereum Dogecoin Litecoin 42-coin X42 Protocol
+50 more
1,365 2018
United Kingdom

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ANX Pro Logo ANX Pro Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Dogecoin Litecoin
+3 more
N/A 2017
Hong Kong

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Aphelion Logo Aphelion Aphelion Spotcoin N/A 2018
St Kitts and Nevis

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Atomars Logo Atomars Bitcoin Ethereum USD Coin Binance Coin XRP
+43 more
512,317 2019
Country Unknown

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AXNET Logo AXNET Bitcoin Ethereum Low 2018

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B2BX Logo B2BX Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Cardano Litecoin
+7 more
5 Million 2017

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Bamboo Relay Logo Bamboo Relay USD Coin Dai Wrapped Bitcoin ChainLink Decentraland
+21 more
269,625 2017

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Bancor Network Logo Bancor Network Ethereum Binance Coin Dai Wrapped Bitcoin Decentraland
+101 more
785,691 2016

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Bankera Logo Bankera Bitcoin Ethereum Dash NEM Bankera 293 2018
British Virgin Islands

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BCEX Logo BCEX Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Dogecoin Ethereum Classic
+64 more
587 Million Year Unknown
Hong Kong

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Beaxy Logo Beaxy Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Litecoin Bitcoin Cash
+5 more
62,338 2017
St Kitts and Nevis

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Bgogo Logo Bgogo Bitcoin Ethereum Binance Coin XRP Cardano
+26 more
819 Million 2018
Cayman Islands

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