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Peercoin (PPC) has been in circulation since 7th May, 2013 and operates free of a central bank or single administration. It is a mineable digital coin, using the SHA-256 algorithm. We have made a calculator for Peercoin, to help estimate the profitability of mining the coin. We have built a mining calculator widget, which you can put on your site. To keep updated with the latest news from Peercoin, you can find them on Twitter.
About Peercoin (PPC)
Name Peercoin
Symbol PPC
Algorithm SHA-256
Mineable mining calc
Start Date 7th May, 2013
Peercoin by the numbers
Positon #190
Price $2.08
Cap $51,318,843.00
Volume $578,780.00
Supply 24,721,012.00
Difficulty 3211976177.891...
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