Blake2b Coins

Blake2b is one of two algorithms based on BLAKE2, the other being Blake2s. Blake2b is optimized for 64-bit platforms, whereas Blake2s is optimized for 8 to 32-bit platforms. It is based on a stream cipher, known as ChaCha, designed by Daniel J. Bernstein. BLAKE2 targets the highest possible security for a hash function. As such, no attack has ever been found on BLAKE2 since its publication in 2012.

Currently, we list 3 cryptocurrencies for the Blake2b algorithm.

Blake2b Algorithm Crypto Coins
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Coin Price Market Cap Volume Supply Mineable Calc
Siacoin Siacoin $0.0087006400 $489,715,843 $16,486,909 56,259,640,412
SiaClassic SiaClassic $0.0000084900 $0 $0.0000254800 0
RaiBlocks RaiBlocks $0.00 $0 $0 0
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