CryptoNight Fast Coins

Developed by the Masari (MSR) cryptocurrency, CryptonightFast (CN-Fast) is a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm that mitigates potential attacks and reduces miner centralisation threats. CryptoNight Fast is not half scratchpad like the CryptoNight Lite algorithm. It uses the same algorithm as the cryptocurrency Monero, but uses less iterations, making the hashrate higher. This gives it the name, CryptoNight Fast.

Currently, we list 4 cryptocurrencies for the CryptoNight Fast algorithm.

CryptoNight Fast Algorithm Crypto Coins
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Coin Price Market Cap Volume Supply Mineable Calc
Masari Masari $0.0079008500 $138,726 $2,200 17,570,546
PrivatePay PrivatePay $0.0021561266 $8,823 $0 4,092,030
Electronero Electronero $0.0000007442 $0 $2 0
Electronero Pulse Electronero Pulse $0.0000079600 $0 $0.0000795800 0
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