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Created by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michael Peeters, and Gilles Van Assche, SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm Version 3), also known as Keccak, was the result of a cryptographic hash algorithm competition held on 2nd November 2007. The competition was run by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ended on 2nd October 2012, when the winning algorithm was announced. This winning algorithm was Keccak and was the become the new standardized SHA-3. SHA-3 works well on ASICs and is resist to quantum computing based attacks. The ultimate winner of the competition was Keccak.

Currently, we list 6 cryptocurrencies for the SHA-3 algorithm.

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Coin Price Market Cap Volume Supply Mineable Calc
Nexus Nexus $0.2408420000 $14,280,292 $116,974 59,707,886
SmartCash SmartCash $0.0063238000 $13,634,167 $254,627 2,153,744,989
X-Cash X-Cash $0.0000851700 $3,364,539 $70,626 39,505,245,207
MaxCoin MaxCoin $0.0021695300 $147,274 $18 67,882,951
SecureCoin SecureCoin $0.0014814500 $0 $1 0
Bitcoin File Bitcoin File $0.0037231800 $0 $5,860 0
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