X16r Coins

X16r is an algorithm based on the classic X11 algorithm. It uses sixteen chained hashing algorithms instead of eleven. Blake, Blue Midnight Wish, Grøstl, JH, Keccak, Skein, Luffa, Cubehash, Shavite, Simd, Echo, Hamsi, Fugue, Shabal 256, Whirlpool and SHA-2. This was developed in an effort to make mining more ASIC resistant. The algorithm is the same proven algorithm used in X15 and SHA-512, but with a changed order based on the hash of the previous block, hence the 'r' in the name, meaning 'random'. This reordering process does not make it totally ASIC resistant, but it is a step to make it more difficult.

Currently, we list 11 cryptocurrencies for the X16r algorithm.

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Coin Price Market Cap Volume Supply Mineable Calc
Ravencoin Ravencoin $0.0632840000 $238,693,753 $34,223,244 3,773,605,000
Help The Homeless Coin Help The Homeless Coin $0.0000903900 $102,714 $188 1,136,402,688
Motion Motion $0.0017753700 $12,288 $12 6,921,125
Stone Coin Stone Coin $0.0002746100 $1,200 $0.2509890000 4,368,129
Gravium Gravium $0.0052468300 $0 $48 0
BitCash BitCash $0.0619900000 $0 $7,579 0
CrowdCoin CrowdCoin $0.0000541100 $0 $0.0000036100 0
Xchange Xchange $0.0003295500 $0 $0 0
Proton Coin Proton Coin $0.00 $0 $0 0
AllGamesCoin AllGamesCoin $0.00 $0 $0 0
Emixil Emixil $0.00 $0 $0 0
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