CryptoPay Debit Card Review

What is CryptoPay?

Founded in October 2013, Cryptopay is an online digital bitcoin wallet that offers you several unique ways to use your bitcoin balance. You can order a physical debit card that can be used in stores and anywhere a regular visa is accepted. You can get a virtual debit card, which has all the features of a regular debit card, but you don't actually have a physical card, so it can be used online or anywhere you can just input a debit card number rather than needing the physical object, such as ordering tickets over the phone, for example. Cryptopay also allows you to transfer money with anyone in the world, they even offer a B2B solution, should your business wish to accept bitcoin as a payment method.


The Cryptopay wallet supports:

Bitcoin Bitcoin

You can add funds to your account using SEPA, UK FPS or your BTC address.

Debit Card Comparison

Cryptopay offer three physical debit cards that can be used like any other debit card. They are Visa cards and draw from your bitcoin wallet instead of a bank account or a pre-paid balance. The options are US Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros. The cost of each card varies, along with their ATM fees, foreign transaction fees, loading fees, service fees and delivery. As of 2017, the fees are as stated below:

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€ Card £ Card $ Card
Card Price
€15.00 £15.00 $15.00
Standard Worldwide Delivery
Free Free Free
Express Worldwide Delivery
€70.00 £50.00 $75.00
Domestic ATM Transaction
€2.25 £1.75 $2.50
International ATM Transaction
€2.75 £2.25 $3.50
Foreign Transaction Fee
3% 3% 3%
Monthly Service Fee
€1.00 £1.00 $1.00
Loading Fee
1% 1% 1%
Third-party Loading Fee
1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
ATM Withdrawal Limit
€400 (€1000 for verified account) £400 (£1000 for verified account) $320 ($800 for verified account)

Account Loading and Spending Limits

Cryptopay Verification Process

As with any debit card, there are certain limits that apply to things like ATM withdrawals and the amount of time you can withdraw in a day. If you've ever used a loadable visa card, you’ll know that there are also limits on how many times you can reload the card, as well as an amount limit. This is the same for Cryptopay, there are a few loading and spending limits on the card, displayed below. These are mostly unlimited if you verify your account. This is easy to do and gives you lots of benefits, such as the ability to use bank payments to top-up your Cryptopay account. If you're unverified, you won’t be able to link your bank account to Cryptopay.

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€ Card £ Card $ Card
Value of Online Transactions
€1000 /
£800 /
$1000 /
Third-party loads available
No / Yes No / Yes No / Yes
Single ATM transaction limit
€200 / €1000 £160 / £800 $200 / $1000
Daily ATM withdrawal limit
€400 / €2000 £320 / £1600 $400 / $2000
Max single top-up value
€1000 / €10000 £800 / £8000 $1000 / $10000
Max daily load
€1000 / €20000 £800 / £16000 $1000 / $20000
Max lifetime load
€1000 /
£800 /
$1000 /
Max lifetime unload
€1000 /
£800 /
$1000 /
Loads per day
2 / Unlimited 2 / Unlimited 2 / Unlimited
ATM transactions per day
2 / 5 2 / 5 2 / 5


Cryptopay offers users the ability to enable Two Step Authentication on their log in area, making it much more secure. There is an online area where you can track all your payments, deposits, withdrawals and transactions. This is available to you 24/7 so you can keep an eye on your account.

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Inital Card Fee $15.00
ATM Domestic Fee €2.25 / £1.75 / $2.50
ATM Internat'l Fee €2.75 / £2.25 / $3.50
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Founded 2013
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