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By Lisa Sampson
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  • There is no minimum load amount
  • Does not charge an inactivity fee
  • There are no declined transaction fees
  • No online or in-store purchase fees
  • No standard delivery fee


  • Charges a loading fee
  • Charges a monthly fee
  • Charges domestic and international ATM fees
  • Has a spending limit
  • No apps for iOS or Android

What is Loadoo?

As of January 5th, 2018, Visa ended its relationship with a the debit card provider, known as WaveCrest. As such, most bitcoin debit cards have ceased operation. Loadoo are no exception and are currently not accepting any new registrations at the moment. Check our blog for info on this, and check back soon for our review once they are up and running again!

Loadoo, founded back in 2016, is a debit card that you can use in stores just like you would a bank debit card, however, the balance comes from your bitcoin funds, not your fiat currency, like pounds, dollars or euros. You can withdraw cash from an ATM, use it abroad, spend online, anything you would normally do with a debit card, you can do with a Loadoo card.

The card is subject to certain fees and limits, just like a bank card would be. Fees when you use it internationally, limits on how much cash you can get out of the ATM at one time or any one day. These fees are all outlined below.

Supported Currencies

Currently, Loadoo supports the following cryptocurrencies:

Fiats Available

The Loadoo card can be ordered in any of three currencies, Euros, British Pounds or US Dollars. However, be aware that the Loadoo debit card is not available for residents of the United States.

Account Loading

You can add funds to your Loadoo debit card using bitcoin or Paypal. You can use any bitcoin wallet, however, the Paypal option is currently not available to customers within the United States.

With Loadoo, there is a fee to top up or add funds to your bitcoin debit card of 1%, regardless of the fiat currency card you have.

Spending and Loading Limits

Unverified Verified
Number of online transactions Unlimited Unlimited
Value of online transactions $1,000 Unlimited
Maximum single top-up $1,000 $10,000
Maximum daily load $1,000 $20,000
Maximum lifetime load $1,000 Unlimited
ATM daily withdrawals limits 2 x $200 2 x $1,000
Lifetime ATM limit $1,000 Unlimited
Daily loads 2 5
Total unloads $1,000 Unlimited


Card Fee

It is free to open an account with Loadoo, but there is an initial fee for a Loadoo plastic debit card. The fee is currently the same across all three currencies the card is offered in, Dollars, Pounds and Euros. The fee is $15.00, £15.00, €15.00.

Foreign Exchange Fee

If you are to use your Loadoo card abroad, or pay in a currency that differs from the one you have, there is an exchange fee of 3%. For example, if you have a Dollar card and buy something in Europe, which would cost Euros, you would pay an exchange fee of 3% in addition to the price of the purchase.

ATM Fees


The fee to get cash from an ATM while you are at home varies depending on the fiat currency of your bitcoin debit card. The fees are as follows: $2.50, £1.75, €2.25.


The fee to withdraw cash from an ATM abroad, while you are traveling or for whatever reason, very again depending on which card you have; $3.50, £2.25, €2.75.

Monthly Fees

There is a monthly charge for having an active debit card. The fee is as follows: $2.50, £1.75, €2.25, currently it is the same in all currencies the card is offered in.

Card Delivery

Delivery of your physical debit card is 0 if you opt for standard delivery, which could take 7-30 days to reach you. However, you can speed the process if you are willing to pay the shipping. The card will be shipped express by DHL and could be with you much sooner, within 4-7 business days.

Chip & Pin

The Loadoo cards all have EMV, more commonly known as chip and pin, making them much more secure than older cards which still use a signature to verify payments.

Mobile Apps

Loadoo do not offer any apps at the moment, so topping up your card, adding funds, checking your balance, etc, would need to be done on a laptop or on your phones browser, which might not be ideal for everyone.


Loadoo is a very secure service; your money is stored in a FCA licensed e-money institution in Gibraltar. The website offers two-factor authentication, which you should take advantage of as soon as you set up your account. This adds an extra layer of protection to your account, instead of relying solely on a strong password. For more information on two-factor authentication, visit our frequently asked questions.

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