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Bitcoin GoldBitcoin Gold (BTG) is a hard fork of Bitcoin, much like Bitcoin Cash was in back August 2017. It was developed to be ASIC resistant, brining back mining to PC owers. This has been achieved by using the Equihash alogrithm, instead of Bitcoin's SHA-256 algorithm.

About Bitcoin Gold
Twitter @bitcoingold
Currency Code BTG
Algorithm EquiHash
By the numbers
BTG / USD $141.65   +1.86%
Market Cap $2,384,515,498.00
Volume $40,531,900.00
Supply 16,834,211.00
Difficulty 2969431
Start Date 12th November 2017
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Bitcoin Gold is bringing GPU mining back

Bitcoin Gold is bringing GPU mining back

Bitcoin has hard forked once again. First, came Bitcoin Cash (BTC) in August and now there's a new fork, Bitcoin Gold (BTG). The strong focus Read more

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