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October 1st 2017

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website, a hub for all things cryptocurrency

The History of CryptoRival

Launched in August 2017 by husband and wife team, David and Lisa Sampson, CryptoRival started out as a couple of digital currency calculators and a few reviews of cloud miners.

After hearing about cryptocurrency mining, David decided he would expand the site. He looked into building a rig at home, but this proved to be costly to build, noisy in the house and was prone to overheating. This led to seeking out cloud mining companies.

However, finding out profit margins, costs, fees, days to breakeven and many other figures were proving difficult to come by. Online calculators were not offering enough settings and options to make accurate predictions. And so, CryptoRival was born.

What is CryptoRival?

CryptoRival is aiming to become a one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency.

We currently offer reviews of several cloud mining websites, we have built a comparison table to make the companies easy to compare side by side. This makes selection a far less complex process.

We have reviewed digital currency exchange websites where you can buy and sell various forms of currency, such as bitcoin, dash, ethereum etc.

Our favorite section of the site is the profitability calculators. We have worked hard to add as many options as possible to calculate how profitable mining a currency can be for you. Our calculators work for both those who have made mining rigs at home and those opting to use a cloud mining service.

We have recently added a frequently asked questions section. This is designed to help everyone from absolute newcomers to the cryptocurrency world, to those who are experienced and just want to expand their knowledge. We are constantly updating with new questions that we are asked regularly, in the hope of helping as many people as possible.

Currently, we are working on a guide section of the website, covering everything from ‘What is a bitcoin’ to ‘How to choose a mining contract’. The world of crypto mining can be daunting at first, we know as we struggled to understand it at the start. Our aim is to combat this by making a user-friendly, easy to understand website for everyone.

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