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The Bitpanda Android App Giveaway

The Bitpanda Android App Giveaway

Bitpanda have released their brand new Android app, with all the features offered on their website. You can buy, sell or send cryptocurrencies in just three steps, right from within the app. You can use EUR, CHF, GBP or USD to pay or get your cash out. You are able to send cryptocurrencies to other Bitpanda users as well as to any other email address. The app includes a personal portfolio management system, with competent and fast support.

To celebrate the new android app release, Bitpanda are rewarding the first 10,000 members that log into the app. The reward is a cryptocurrency prize, worth anywhere from €5 all the way up to €200! In order to be in the running for the prize, you have to be a fully-verified member.

So download the app, log in and hope you are one of the lucky ones!