Bitcoin Blender Proves That Competition Services Are Not Anonymous

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December 26th 2018

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Bitcoin Blender Proves That Competition Services Are Not Anonymous

When bitcoins first arrived on the scene, users believed the cryptocurrency to be anonymous. While it is true that the coins themselves cannot be tracked, it is however possible to trace the transaction amounts and addresses used in any cryptocurrency transaction.

To protect the privacy of users, bitcoin blenders or coin tumbling services offered to break the connection between the addresses, sending coins, and the receiving addresses. As a public register of the bitcoin blockchain is used to record every transaction, bitcoin mixing is smart for anyone wanting privacy from those wanting to know where the coins were sent to, where they were received from, and the total amount of coins kept in specific wallets.

When BestMixer was founded, one of the first things they did was run Coin Anonymization Event (CAE) checks against the ‘safe’ bitcoin blenders that were promising anonymity to their users. Shockingly, many of these mixers failed the test and was able to obtain transaction details, including addresses, from the transaction records. Although these services have since changed their settings and are not vulnerable anymore, it still means that they made promises to their users that were not kept.

True bitcoin blender features

BestMixer is a safe bitcoin blender because they have redundancies built into their systems and provide security for every transaction. This ensures that nobody can access bitcoin information, or determine between which parties bitcoins are exchanged. These security features include:

  • Tor-compatible version of the website ensures anonymous browsing
  • Neither end of a transaction requires user information
  • Up to 10 receiving addresses are available
  • Each receiving address has a delay of up to a few minutes
  • Transfers are distributed to tenths of a percentage point
  • SSL encryption
  • Floating miner fees
  • Service fees broken down to up to thousandths of a percent

To assist users of the service, BestMixer provides a video tutorial that shows users how to mix coins correctly. For further assistance, a Mixing Strength Meter function has been released. This option is unique and helps new users determine whether they are applying proper mixing principles.

BestMixer’s recently launched a module that has three types of reserves. This will be of interest for users wanting to break the connection between old and new addresses.

The Alpha reserves for payments to new clients are formed from coins coming from other clients. Most other bitcoin mixers only use this model. As BestMixer strives to be a safe bitcoin blender, they have however added a Beta and Gama pool. Beta pool reserves are made up from huge transactions in the Alpha pool, private reserves and coins being deposited by investors, while Gamma pool reserves are formed from only private reserves and investor coins.

Maintenance of both the Beta and Gamma pools is however more expensive, resulting in the service fees for these pools being higher than for the Alpha pool. is a safe bitcoin blender and definitely the way to go if you want to be 100% sure that your bitcoin transactions can’t be traced. While others tend to make empty promises and only fix problems when challenged, BestMixer aims to ensure complete anonymity, whatever it takes.

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