The FiboDex IEO On LATOKEN Is Underway And Makes $FIBO Very Affordable To All Investors

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March 3rd 2022

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The FiboDex IEO On LATOKEN Is Underway And Makes $FIBO Very Affordable To All Investors

FiboDex is in the process of conducting its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the LATOKEN platform, with a target of raising at least $100,000. The campaign's hard cap is set at $1 million, and FIBO tokens are still up for grabs for early investors.

FiboDex is not just a decentralized exchange, but rather a complete financial ecosystem providing multiple solutions to its users. The FiboDex ecosystem spans multiple platforms and tools, including:

  • FiboDex Hybrid Exchange
  • Fibochain: A combination of multiple blockchains allowing all ecosystem elements to seamlessly connect with one another.
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Game Asset Marketplace
  • Game Developer Platform
  • NFT Developer Platform

Powering all of these solutions is the $FIBO token on the Binance Smart Chain, which is currently accessible through an Initial Exchange Offering on LATOKEN. FIBO is the utility token for the Fibo blockchain and the native token of the FiboDex exchange platform. Additionally, it will serve as a governance token for the Hybrid Exchange.

FIBO has a total supply of 100 trillion, of which roughly 1% was offered to investors during a private sale. Moreover, the IEO on LATOKEN represents 5% of the token supply, with every token being offered for $0.0000002. The token sale will help FiboDex raise more capital and contribute to its growing financial resources for the ecosystem's long-term development.

The low price per FIBO token makes the FiboDex IEO one of the most approachable and affordable token sales in the crypto market today. A minimum contribution of $1 USDT is in effect, which will yield investors 5 million $FIBO tokens.

Launching the $FIBO token ahead of the FiboDex ecosystem allows the team to expand its global community. Conducting the IEO on LATOKEN makes sense, as LATOKEN has conducted various successful Initial Exchange offerings in the past. Moreover, the platform will enable FIBO/USDT trading after the IEO concludes, ensuring ample liquidity for the token.

Further exchange listings confirmed so far include HotBit, probit, LBank, PancakeSwap, and CoinTiger.

The launch of the ecosystem will occur in Q3 2022. The team plans to have its $FIBO token listed on other exchanges, release an Android and iOS mobile application, and introduce peer-to-peer trading on FiboDex in the same period.

Further down the line, FiboDex will receive more upgrades and tweaks, including margin trading and a launchpad. Q4 2022 Will be big, as it introduces the development of the Fibochain and establishes $FIBO as a payment token, adding an extra utility layer for this asset.

Find out more about the FiboDex IEO on LATOKEN!

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