Goldman Sachs CEO mulling over Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs CEO mulling over Bitcoin

Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs's CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, has expressed a neutral position over the recently rumblings about Goldman Sachs launching their own over the counter bitcoin trading operation.

This comes not long after Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, labelled bitcoin a fraud and even went as far as to threaten that any employee caught trading bitcoin would be fired. Also John Normand, a senior executive at J.P. Morgan, compared bitcoin to a novelty similar in many ways to airline miles.

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, Wall Street has expressed polarizing views from a fad, to a bubble, a fraud, a pyramid scheme and even the future of currency.

Whatever the case may be and however the Wall Street banks may feel, bitcoin has a current market cap over $70 billion alone. Combine that with altcoins and digital cryptocurrencies, together they have a market cap of over $140 billion. A fact that's becoming hard to ignore.